[ X Diary Of Mr. Rapper Guy X ]

Rubik’s Relations.

The complications of relations relative to a cube, most don’t understand the relation in the two, we approach Each other seemingly complete,colors amongst their own reds, blues, yellows and even greens, the similarities make us trust one another in the hands of the other, find likes and dislikes and start rearranging colors, but because we can bend twist and be changed, does not mean we aren’t ok with staying exactly the same,wrecking balls through walls…the damage is done,now we find ourselves rushing to put each other back and undo what’s been done, but when bridges have burned how do you return from where you’ve come?, you simply don’t. You are now left with a puzzle for two caught in Rubik’s relations, jumbled up cubes,fixated on adjusting so you feel more you, but you’re too close to the project…sometimes the puzzle you’ve made can’t be solved by you, You got too familiar to old colors to readjust different hues.